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Alvalade Apartment

Status: Built
Site: Lisbon, Portugal
Architecture: Atelier 17 + Paralelo Zero
Team: Sara Brandão + Nuno Castro Caldas + Rodrigo Rebelo de Andrade + Duarte Pape
Contractor:  Parallel Stage
Photography:  Carmo Oliveira
Client: Private
Total area: 220 m2
Date: 2021-2023

Proposal: The project consists in an overall refurbishment of an apartment located on the 9th floor of a modernist listed building in the neighbourhood of Alvalade in Lisbon.

Aiming at designing for a modern lifestyle, the main goal was to reorganize public areas, interconnecting kitchen and service areas with social spaces on an open plan solution, while still maintaining the possibility of separating different uses.

The proposal took advantage of a clear and flexible column/beam structural system, which allowed the connection between spaces. This relation also improved the cross ventilation system and brought southern light to the north oriented spaces, dimly lit by the modernist façade grid.

The carefully designed woodwork aimed to emphasise the sequence of north-south spaces by defining a rhythm of vertical timber porticos.

The proposed materials sought to bring a calm atmosphere through the light color of ash wood, natural local lime stone and bright semi-handmade tiles.

Quinta da Baldaya Housing

Status: Competition - Awarded 8th Prize
Site: Lisbon, Portugal
Architecture: Atelier 17
Team: Nuno Castro Caldas + Sara Brandão + Sebastião Taquenho
Structural Engineer: João Garcia (Teixeira Trigo)
M&E: Carlos Oliveira (Grau Celcius)
Landscape: Catarina Assis Pacheco (F | C Arq Paisagista)
3D Visualizations: Vasco Nunes
Client: IHRU
Total construction area: 52 766 m2

Public space area: 23 264 m2
Date: 2023

Proposal: Our proposal uses the scale of both the program and the site area in the benefit of public use, by densifying the plot’s limits and freeing up the largest possible garden area.
The idea was to transform a vacant territory in a park for recreation and leisure, which is absent in the surrounding urban fabric.
The project was understood as an opportunity to rescue this potential and give back the territory to its users, through an overall qualification of the place, allowing its full use not only by the residents, but also to all those who work or visit the neighbourhood.
The built volumes configure clear forms that respond to the scale of the site through modules with identical volumetric. Its design previliges access areas to the houses and the relationship of continuity with the existing urban fabric, but giving the place its own identity.

House in Arcos de Valdevez

Status: Built
Site: Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal
Architecture:  Atelier 17 + Maria Ana Castro Caldas
Team:Maria Ana Castro Caldas + Nuno Castro Caldas
Structural Engineer:  Fernando Rodrigues (ARA)
M&E:  José Andrade (Acribia)
Contractor:  Manuel Barbosa Construção Civil
Client: Private
Total area: 225 m2
Date: 2010-2014

Proposal: The project consists in the rehabilitation of a rural house located in the limits of the vineyard of the ‘Quinta da Andorinha’. The project intends to create a strong visual connection with the vineyard, the ‘Casa da Andorinha’ and the forest woods in its surroundings, preserving its identity and strengthening the morphological structure of its context.

Considering its poor conservation, the interior of the house was completely demolished, leaving just the exterior walls and the roof structure to work with. A new balcony was added to the house, facing the vineyard and profiting from southward sunlight, as it is usual in rural constructions particularly in this region of Portugal

Common areas were concentrated in the first floor, as already hinted by the existing external stair, liberating the ground floor to bedrooms, bathrooms and a pantry room. The space gained new amplitude, organised by the careful placement of new concrete elements, such as the kitchen counter or the interior stairs.

Actores Apartment

Status: Ongoing
Site: Lisbon, Portugal
Architecture: Atelier 17
Architecture: Nuno Castro Caldas + Sara Brandão Client: Private
Total area: 107 m2
Date: 2021-

Quinta da Manta Rota

Status: Ongoing
Site: Manta Rota, Portugal
Architecture: Atelier 17
Team: Nuno Castro Caldas + Sara Brandão + Sebastião Taquenho
Collaboration:  Rita Figueiredo
Engineering:  PLANN
Client: Private
Total area: 440 m2
Date: 2022-

Proposal: The project consists in an overall renovation of a house located near Cacela Velha, in the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio in the South of Portugal.

The project aims to clarify and improve the relationship between social and private spaces, allowing at the same time a more permeable connection between indoor and outdoor spaces by creating shading systems in the most sun exposed areas.

Taking into account the poor construction quality of the existing building, the intervention pretends also to improve the structural resistance, as well as thermal and acoustic comfort, in accordance with the current regulations.

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