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Quinta da Manta Rota

Status: Ongoing
Site: Manta Rota, Portugal
Architecture: Atelier 17
Team: Nuno Castro Caldas + Sara Brandão + Sebastião Taquenho
Collaboration:  Rita Figueiredo
Engineering:  PLANN
Client: Private
Total area: 440 m2
Date: 2022-

Proposal: The project consists in an overall renovation of a house located near Cacela Velha, in the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio in the South of Portugal.

The project aims to clarify and improve the relationship between social and private spaces, allowing at the same time a more permeable connection between indoor and outdoor spaces by creating shading systems in the most sun exposed areas.

Taking into account the poor construction quality of the existing building, the intervention pretends also to improve the structural resistance, as well as thermal and acoustic comfort, in accordance with the current regulations.

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